Our Areas of Focus

Gotham Gives has an ambitious mandate to improve the lives of New Yorkers. This broad vision gives us the flexibility to assess a range of promising opportunities. We believe that systemic change is often required to make significant progress, and we are primarily interested in programs that can be scaled up. Achieving this kind of impact requires partners, and we intend to collaborate with other organizations and philanthropists to further our charitable objectives.

Underlying all of our programming is an urgency to advance gender and racial equity.

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Empowering our Communities

Human capital is one of New York City’s greatest resources yet many people in our community struggle to achieve their full potential. Gotham Gives invests in programs that ensure students have the mental health resources they need to address the challenges presented by the demands of today’s complicated world. We also help build avenues to professional fulfillment for people who don't have the resources, training, or connections to access opportunities, including those leaving the justice system who deserve a second chance. Our investments are helping create an engine that can power New York.

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Investing in Knowledge

New York City has a vibrant technology sector that relies on employees skilled in computer science to meets its growing needs. There are over 1.1 million NYC students who are eager for the opportunity to learn computer science, which offers a new way of thinking and learning. Computer science teaches collaboration, iteration, and problem-solving as well as coding. Gotham Gives is committed to ensuring that every student in New York City can study high-quality computer science, with a focus on girls and black and Latinx students.

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Expanding Cultural Opportunities

Gotham Gives is interested in a holistic approach to improving the lives of New Yorkers that includes expanding our cultural institutions. The arts inspire creativity and provide emotional relief and psychological support. By helping us understand and interact with each other, they also promote social equity. Cultural institutions, especially those that integrate outdoor space, play an important role in creating healthier and more productive citizens.


STRIVE helps people with holistic, re-entry services to ensure long-term professional fulfillment.

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The JED Foundation

The JED Foundation ensures high school students have access to mental health services and resources.

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Computer Science

Computer Science for All provides teacher training so that all NYC students learn high-quality computer...

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