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Gotham Gives is a supporter of Computer Science for All (CS4All), a public/’private partnership launched in 2015 that trains teachers so they can deliver high-quality instruction in Computer Science. We focus on ensuring that girls and black and Latinx students have access to this learning. Our goal is to train 5,000 teachers by 2025.

Students who learn Computer Science not only learn about coding, but also about collaboration, iteration, and problem-solving. CS4All’s focus on girls and on black and Latinx communities helps break down gender and racial barriers to pave a pathway to greater diversity and equality in the workplace.

CS4All provides teachers and school leaders with professional development opportunities to help ensure sustainability and promote rapid implementation. Teachers can teach CS as a multi-year sequence, a semester-long course, or as a unit integrated into other subjects. The majority of teachers are expected to have little to no prior knowledge of CS. To date, over 2,000 teachers have been trained from 825 schools in all five boroughs. Over 177,000 students had access to computer science classes in the 2019-20 school year alone.

All students must learn CS, especially black, Latinx, and female students traditionally left out. It is our responsibility to ensure they are the future leaders of the workforce — that’s our why. All students, through CS, should be able to be creative, make mistakes, iterate, and feel empowered as they develop 21st-century skills — that’s the what.”
Ms. Yokasta Evans-Lora, CS4All teacher at Brooklyn Arbor Elementary School 

View this video to learn more about the program. Note that CSNYC was the precursor organization to Gotham Gives.